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‘The Vaulted Shadows’ CD pre-order (May 26th)

my-vaulted-shadowThe Vaulted Shadows brings together two of MDB's latest and possibly heaviest works into one cohesive package.

Comprising the tragic tales of the 30 minute epic The Barghest O' Whitby (2011) and 2013's doom-filled treasure, The Manuscript, The Vaulted Shadows neatly collects the releases surrounding the A Map of All Our Failures album era and re-packages them as one hour-long masterwork.

Pre-order for 26th May release. Click here to pre-order

Blastfest Festival - Thank you!

"My Dying Bride would like to thank and show their appreciation to the hard working and very nice organisers and crew of the Blastfest Festival we recently had the pleasure of performing at, it was an honour being part of this brand new Festival and we wish it all the success in the future. A very special thanks goes to the crowd attending our show who without doubt made it a very special night for us and we hope for them too. A 666% thanks goes to Ross who flew in from one of Norway's more distant neighbours...

Australia, MDB tattoo and all. We salute you. (And yes it was us beeping at you on our way to the Airport). Darkness came ...right on time."

Maryland DeathFest 2014

My Dying Bride are pleased to announce they have just confirmed a slot on the Maryland DeathFest 2014.

This will be their first show In the USA since 1997 so long overdue.

The exact date is to be confirmed but it will be either the 24th or the 25th of May 2014

Check the link below for more news as it happens.