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Postby The Last Lonely Man » Mon Nov 07, 2016 8:36 pm

Ok! So have just sat and listened to both versions of "Feel The Misery" side by side, in 30 second intervals, so I didn't miss anything.. Please bear in mind that I am not a musician, though I do like music, and this basically my opinion (sometimes), and fact (other times), so please don't be offended by anything I have written. From what I can surmise, the band have taken what was already an amazing album, and made it even better! If it was a 9.5/10 before, the corrected version makes it a definite 10/10 now.

So here goes! (Please don't mind my terminology.. I only know what I hear..)
These are the changes from what I can hear. Below is a list of how the "correct" version differs from the Journalist version (of which I had two, and traded one in with peaceville)

And My Father Left Forever - 9:21

The guitars on the fills/single chord fills sound much punchier and more pronounced.
Vocals definitely feel louder.
Drums sound fuller.
Chugging guitar riff at 5:00 MUCH heavier (more low end).
Violin more in-keeping with the other instruments mix level wise (volume)
Bass clearly audible. \m/

To Shiver In Empty Halls - 9:47

Heavy riff at 0:47 sounds generally meatier.
Guitar lines at 3:40 or so seem bassier.
Clean vocal at 3:48 sounds more equalised, bassier etc
Piano at the 4:40 mark definitely louder.
5:00, definitely shows a much punchier/bassier "kick in".
Drums at the 6:30 mark, definitely fuller sounding.
Spoken word vocals, a little louder and more low end/bass.
"Kick in" at 7:24 much more pronounced \m/
Second guitar sounds more pronounced during whispered outro.
Bass clearly audible. \m/

A Cold New Curse - 9:16

Additional 13 seconds, during the outro is permeated with guitar distortion/tone 'til fade out, it works better in my opinion. (the other version ends quite suddenly)
Intro guitar much louder in the mix.
The "I thank my enemy line" (0:35 onward) has a phantom drum noise in the background which is much more pronounced on this version...(can you hear it? maybe somebody knocked something over in the studio..)
Heavy section at 1:04 mark much more satisfying, better guitar sound.
Louder and bassier vocals. \m/
Guitar lines at 2:15 or so seem to flow together better, muddier sound (you hear the individual notes less, less treble I mean?).
Chugging riff and "kick in" at 3:47 much more pronounced/heavier/bassier \m/
7:08 Growling vocals much bassier/fuller sounding.
Bass clearly audible. \m/

Feel The Misery - 6:20

Intro guitar remedied, much better! More of a punch in the face. \m/
Violin lines much louder, sounds great!
1:50 Violin and clean vocals much more in-keeping with each other (less confusing to the ear volume wise)
The main guitar riff is generally heavier/bassier throughout. \m/
Piano at 3:25 much more pronounced and audible in the mix
Band "kick in" at 3:58 is much fuller sounding.
Violin work from 5:18 on-wards is much louder in the mix/clearer.

A Thorn Of Wisdom - 5:04

Intro piano sounds less flat/lifeless.
Better bass sound generally, sounds warmer, and CLEARER.
Vocals feel warmer.
Song overall feels warmer and fuller.
Guitar palm mutes from 3:19 onward, definitely bassier (more punch). \m/
Vocals do become a little clearer over piano toward the end.. (mix volume issues)
Bass clearly audible. \m/

I Celebrate Your Skin 6:53

Added church bell sound effect during intro.
Guitar treble remedied, much bassier/easier on the ears/warmer sounding.
Vocals slightly louder in the mix.
Growling vocals more in-keeping with music. (volume again)
Drums louder in the mix in first growled section.
Bass clearly audible. \m/
Clean vocals much warmer sounding and louder in the mix.
4:14 introduction of choir/monks chanting into reverb drum section, plus some extra incidental piano during the section. Awesome!!
The "kick in" at 4:47 with the clean vocals, is definitely fuller sounding.
Single chord "doom" guitar riff at the end is much fuller sounding, you can heard the second guitar more.
Organ during outro is louder, with additional church bells.

I Almost Loved You - 5:27

(Always had a problem with this track having too much treble, or maybe the piano isn't equalised correctly? I'm not an engineer.. but my headphones or speakers never liked this track loud on the Journalist Review version!)

Piano is bassier, less sharp to the ear, generally warmer sounding.
The vocals seem very slightly lower in the mix, and the bassier tones help.
The violin is also quieter, which helps with the problem with it being too treble heavy..

Within A Sleeping Forest - 10:38
The chords picking up the guitar lines are much punchier, and bassier.
Organ is overpowered by the guitars slightly. (compared to the other version)
Growled vocals, much bassier/warmer sounding.
Heavy riff at 3:14 is much bassier. \m/
Clean vocals at 3:31 sound bassier/warmer, and louder/more central in the mix.
The change at 4:20 is definitely heavier, thus making the organ a little quieter in the mix.
Growled vocals at 4:38 much louder and bassier in the mix, maybe an added vocal track too?
Guitar riff at 5:33 and the band "kick in" sound so much meatier, and mightier! \m/
Guitar riff at 7:18 is much bassier. though the keyboard is less audible.
Violin around the 9:00 mark over and around the spoken word, is much louder in the mix.

So there it is... Pick it apart, do with it what you will...

My divine negative, No joy can be compared to you, And no conquest can be equated with you, No euphoria can be compared with you, And no love can ever replace you..
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Postby Lychfowel » Mon Nov 07, 2016 9:42 pm

It's good to see I'm not the only one with a compulsive disorder.
But seriously, cheers mate, it sounds as if there are some major differences and that I really have to hunt down the finalized mix. I don't want to send in my digipak though, so I'll just have to see if I ever get close to an actual record shop.

Thanks for the hard work of listening and taking notes! :beerchug:
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Postby Lychfowel » Tue Nov 08, 2016 7:44 pm

I did some snooping around and found the final master, wow it's a world of difference indeed, only have the files at the moment but realize I have to buy it when I get the chance. Gonna listen to the final master while reading your annotations ^^
I breed in chaotic frenzy!
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Metal Acolyte
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Postby Podgie » Mon Nov 14, 2016 10:10 pm

Still to this day have no idea which version I'm listening to... but either way I love it.

And from my understanding the 10" vinyl records have the final master, yes? In which case as soon as I have my turntable back I'll be able to listen to it then...
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Postby Podgie » Thu Jul 19, 2018 7:26 pm

Apologies for resurrecting this thread from the dead... but, as I was, someone else may be seeking an answer to this. So I can now confirm (after being reunited with my turntable and beloved record collection) that thankfully the 10" version of the album does indeed feature the final master, aka. the bells (and whistles)! And guess what? It sounds glorious :worship:
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