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Your top 30 cuts of the Peaceville era

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Postby metalguru » Tue Aug 22, 2017 1:54 am

My 30 favorite My Dying Bride cuts in no particular order (But taken from most recent going back):

- Feel the Misery
-And my Father left forever
-The Poorest Waltz
-Santuario di sangue
-Bring me Victory
-My body, a funeral
-And I walked with them
-L'Amour Detruit
-Thy Raven wings
-A Doomed lover
-The Prize of Beauty
-The wreckage of my flesh
-The Blue Lotus
-My hope, the Destroyer
-La figlie della Tempesta
-The Dreadful Hours
-The Night he died
-The Fever Sea
-Under your wings and into your arms
-Der Uberlebende
-The whore, the cook and the mother
-For my fallen angel
-For You
-A kiss to remember
-Le cerf malade
- Your Shameful Heaven
- The Cry of Mankind
-The Crown of Sympathy
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