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Re: Aaron's best vocal performance

PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 5:55 pm
by Danish
bagingkle wrote:
Danish wrote:His nasal singing in, "The Whore, The Cook And The Mother"...
n of course 1st four tracks on ALODK...

First 4 tracks on ALODK for sure...but, it is his singing on the 5th track "Thy Raven Wings" that embody some of the most beautiful singing (and vocal melodies) I have ever heard.

I was actually a little bit disappointed with the singing on FLIS :(. I thought he really made a leap on ALODK with his tone/vibrato and did not notice it as much on FLIS. I do like his singing on TLTS, 34%, and TDH as well.

Yeah, well his singing on FLIS wsnt all dat gr8, bt being an die hard fan of MDB, hardly anythng abt d band n aaron disappoints me...

Re: Aaron's best vocal performance

PostPosted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:43 am
by The Last Lonely Man
So many new ones to my list now!

Hail Odysseus!! Utilising his voice to portray multiple characters! Brilliant :D
I love to hear this live... as well as (Part 4 of) The Barghest O' Whitby

To Shiver In Empty Halls
Hollow Cathedra
A Pale Shroud Of Longing
I Almost Loved You
My Faults Are Your Reward

Re: Aaron's best vocal performance

PostPosted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:54 pm
by Lychfowel
Wow that's a difficult question. So many great moments. Gonna give some examples anyway of going backward in time.

* The growls in "To Shiver in Empty Halls" and the soaring clean vocals in the verses of "And My Father Left Forever"

* "And a silver blade from God hangs directly above us" ("Only Tears to Replace Her With")

* Just that simple breath before the band launches into that gooseskin-summoning melodic part in "A Map of All Our Failures" and the first verse of "My Faults are Your Reward"

* "Nameless, I come and without end/Within the moor and without end" ("The Barghest o'Whitby")

* The growled parts in "ShadowHaunt" with those freaky abrupt stops, awesome

* The "chorus" of "To Remain Tombless", especially the line "Darkness comes, right on time". This one really hit me and can still give me an emo-high, plus "Then Heaven opened above me.." ("And I Walk with Them")

* Opening growls of "The Wreckage of My Flesh", the entire performance in "Catherine Blake" and "The Prize of Beauty" plus the spoken part in "And My Fury Stands Ready", so .. wonderfully sinister.

* Entire "The Dreadful Hours", "A Cruel Taste of Winter", the middle section of "My Hope the Destroyer" (from "People, feel her mind" to "No sorrow, please no tears"), and the most melodious part of "The Deepest of All Hearts"

* Everything in "She is the Dark", the melodic part in "Edenbeast" (It's my fear...that tears me down...another favorite), the growled parts of "The Isis Script"

* I love the somewhat muted (?) vocals in "The Whore...", all of "Der ├╝berlebende", most of "Base level erotica" (those lyrics though)

* First verse of "Grace Unhearing", all of "All Swept Away"

* Pretty much everything on "The Angel and the Dark River" is great, special mention to "From Darkest Skies" - the song where Aaron convinced me an entire album without death vocals didn't have to be a bad thing (just a little :p)

* I love those "response" parts in "I Am the Bloody Earth"; "You owe yours to me" / "Me around your neck"..

* Most of "Turn Loose the Swans" the album, it was after all my first meeting with the band's unique approach and everything on it is welded into my brains. Special mentions to the verses of "Your River" and that achingly haunting part in the title track: "You are sweet and fine to listen to.." The music is a big part of this one too.

* On "As the Flower Withers" I can't remember any moments that stand out it's ripping death vocals all the way and it's great. Love the use of Latin words for added mystery and a medieval feeling.

* Finally (I think this got a bit long, sorry..) I love the vocal/lyrics combos in those old dirty antichristian rockers like "Symphonaire", "God is Alone" and "Gather Me Up Forever" UGH