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Postby J1 » Mon Jan 28, 2008 11:57 am

Over the years, I've noticed that many people new to this forum keep asking the same questions. Sometimes, this upsets the regulars, and they get medieval on your newbie ass.

To avoid such embarrassment, I have compiled this handy list of Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ. If you're new here, read it. There's a good chance your question is on it and is answered as well. No need for you to ask a question that's been done a thousand times before, and no need for the regulars to get their panties in a bunch. You're welcome!

Oh, a last general remark: you can find a lot of good information about the band (including a biography, member profiles, equipment lists, and discography, lyrics, etc.) on the official My Dying Bride website.

The FAQ:
  1. Do the MDB band members read this forum?

    Yes, they do. And some of them occassionally post here as well. Hamish, Andy and Aaron are semi-regular posters, and every so often Lena pops in as well.
  2. When are My Dying Bride going to play in my country?

    Well, there is a list of upcoming concerts available at the official My Dying Bride website. But if no concert in your country is listed there, then we don't know when My Dying Bride will play there. Honestly, we don't. Even MDB themselves don't know.

    If there is a proper venue somewhere in your neighborhood interested in booking them and they make a valid offer (through MDB's booking agent, details on the website), then I'm sure something can be arranged. So if you're dead-set on getting MDB to your town you should pester the people in charge at the local club/venue to look into booking them...
  3. In the Whore, The Cook and the Mother, Aaron seems to be answering questions. What are the questions?

    The questions are actually printed in the booklet of the 34.788%... Complete album. The woman asking the questions is asking them in Chinese. The questions are:

    - How old are you?
    - Tell me what you remember about your first few birthdays?
    - How tall was your mother?
    - I said. How tall was your mother?
    - What colour was her favourite dress?
    - Did you have any pets when you were a child?
    - You see a women stripping on a television in a shop window. Do you stay and see what happens or do you continue walking?
    - If a blind man drops some money in the street do you pick it up and give it back to him or keep it for yourself?
    - You're driving in your car and suddenly a cat runs out right in front of you and you accidentally hit it. You're in no hurry to get anywhere and the poor animal is screaming in pain but you don't bother to stop and help it. How do you feel?
  4. The lyrics to 'Le Cerf Malade' are in French! What do they mean?

    The lyrics to this song are a fragment from the fable 'Le Cerf Malade' by the 17th century French poet Jean de la Fontaine. The title literally means 'The Sick Stag'. As for the translation of the rest of the lyrics, it is probably better if you search for the complete fable and a translation of it yourself. Have a look at this site.
  5. Wat do the lyrics to 'Sear Me' mean?

    The lyrics to 'Sear Me' are in Latin. However, the Latin of 'Sear Me' is not grammatically correct, so it is difficult to translate. A basic translation is given on the lyrics page of the official MDB website, however.
  6. Is MDB a Christian/religious band?

    No. Aaron often writes lyrics inspired by religious themes, but he is in fact an atheist. In fact, if you read most of the religiously themed lyrics carefully you will notice that they are quite often critical of God and religion.
  7. What does the artwork on the cover of "Turn Loose the Swans" depict?

    It is a closeup of the front of a statue of the Virgin Mary, covered in candle wax. The cover of the MC version of "Turn Loose the Swans" (yes, the MC had a separate cover!) actually shows the face of the same statue.

That's it for now. I will add more questions and answers as they come up and sufficiently irritate our regulars!
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