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Postby Larth » Tue Jul 05, 2016 7:47 pm

Azz wrote:Just listen to Heroin Chic.

Tons of great lines written by Aaron. But my all-time-favorite is "My Hope the Destroyer". Not a line, but a title. Just awesome! <3
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Postby firebird » Fri Jul 08, 2016 12:29 pm

“I dwell in desolate cities
you burned my wings”

“…the sun did burn my face
I let it´s love and warmth wash over me”
Life is a mouth only death can feed
(J.H. Fabre)

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Postby Simona » Sat Sep 17, 2016 9:35 pm

:aaron: A Cruel Taste Of Winter,Sear Me MCMXCIII,For My Fallen Angel,Apocalypse Woman :aaron:
:aaron: :aaron: :aaron: :aaron: :aaron:
A Cruel Taste Of Winter

Walk with, with me. I'll be your Shadow God
For now, just now. Give your life to me
Your hope, your hope. I feel its steady hand
Your heart, your fear. Take off and flee

Trust me, just me. I'll catch you if you fall
My arms run deep. Run unto my call

I'll lead you into danger
And all that troubles man
I'll lead you far from hunger
Just take my frozen hand

You'll want the world to praise you
And gather at your feet
You'll want my blinding light
And my searing heat

I will lift you above their crying world
Into your heart comes the love of fear

You vanity, your sanctity
Your kindless heart
Your reverence. Your ignorance
Your black uncaring eyes
No sympathy for humanity. Bleak horror
The genocide, the parasites
The kingdom of the ghost

At one with fear
Careless if you fall
Beneath the earth
Your heart may feel the call

Can't let your mind be tainted
By the praying men
Divinity burns in thunder
Over again

Eventide. By your side
All things because of you
Fantasize. At my side.
The lonely, the few
God above. Lord and love.
It's fools love
heart of fire.
Lord and liar don't falter

:aaron: :aaron: :aaron: :aaron: :aaron: :aaron:
Apocalypse Woman

I am a victim of his endless faith
He is a killer
She gives suffering
She is a walking tall saint
I am your stalking cruel fate
He licks the face of your son for nothing
He's coming closer
She shows her fear
But she will seduce him
She gives suffering
I am a hopeless witness
He is the falling worlds tears
He knows the way to our heartland
She's coming
Through my short life I've been given no reasons
I've looked but all I found was treason
I've become lifeless so I'm taking you with me
Why should I suffer for my gods own misery
Kindness is always going to evade me
Ill will is all I want you to see
Life is a war that you must win outright
Leave nothing standing in a show of your might
Draw upon him my sighing breath
And I will love him to my wicked death
There is a song they sing her
A sad war like murmur
She leaves the crying with nothing
Then takes that too
Now I'm a killer, and I have no faith
You play the victim as I come for you
We're all the same little losers
But we fight like hell
So come on, drop your guard now
I'm coming through
:aaron: :aaron: :aaron: :aaron: :aaron:

Pour yourself into me, our time approaches
so near, that I sigh. What danger in such an
adorer? We dance and the music dies. We
carry them all away, as we glide through
their lost eyes. You lift me above myself,
with the ghostly lake of your mind. Arise
from your slumber in my arms. Your beauty
took the strength from me. In the meadows
of heaven, we run through the stars.
Romantic in our tastes. We are without
excuse. We burn in our lust. We die in our
eyes and drown in our arms.

:aaron: :aaron: :aaron: :aaron: :aaron:
For My Fallen Angel

As I draw up my breath,
And silver fills my eyes.
I kiss her still,
For she will never rise.

On my weak body,
Lays her dying hand.
Through those meadows of Heaven,
Where we ran.

Like a thief in the night,
The wind blows so light.
It wars with my tears,
That won't dry for many years.

"Loves golden arrow
At her should have fled,
And not Deaths ebon dart
To strike her dead."
:aaron: :aaron: :aaron: :aaron: :aaron: :aaron: :aaron:

all these songs play with my emotions at maximum.
Aaron I'm an open book in your hands a book that you already know the content ...
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Postby Rigidhandsomepoet » Tue Oct 04, 2016 6:17 pm

As far as lyrics go, gotta be the whole of "Sear Me 1993" off "TLTS" for me personally. I honestly think they're some of the greatest romantic poetry ever written. For some reason they always remind me of John Dowland's lyrics, which I also consider to be in a similar league, although the music is very different, of course. Here's Sting performing some of Dowland's songs. They're unlike most renditions of Dowland's pieces, but still brilliant IMHO...


A couple of obscure and hence underappreciated versions of Dowland's songs IMO...

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Postby The Last Lonely Man » Sun Oct 23, 2016 1:38 pm

"...Loathsome I've become.. a creature so undone.."

My divine negative, No joy can be compared to you, And no conquest can be equated with you, No euphoria can be compared with you, And no love can ever replace you..
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Postby Lychfowel » Fri Nov 11, 2016 11:04 am

Time for another thread resurrection :skull:

I love that Feel the Misery has a number of lyrics/lines that harken back to old school My Dying Bride; a bit more obscure, if you will. Some favorites:

I rose in purest winter.
The ripped canvas of the dark sky.


St. Petersburg revealed to me,
Its winter palace by the sea,
Saw my crippled birth.
The seduction of Plato
Offers up one more clue.

(This part feels so old school!)

By the last of the day's heat,
The broken women weep.


And, despite feeling Aaron is overusing the word 'sea', :)

So I celebrate your blood. It is the music of the sea.
I breed in chaotic frenzy!
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Postby DutchDarkness » Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:12 pm

I really love the line: "And from my body drew, a cold breath and final clue".
Not just the line itself but also the way Aaron delivers it, such grandiose passion.
I rose in purest winter. The ripped canvas of the dark sky.
Fierce I go into the night. As rain runs upon me,
My poisoned shell becomes alight.
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Postby DarkLink » Wed Aug 01, 2018 10:51 pm

The silence, the wait and the pain :D
Whispering my given name.
Unfurls the fingers of flame.
Nameless sons and daughters of sin.
Step forward when you hear the bells ring.
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