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Postby Simona » Sat Aug 18, 2012 4:48 pm

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I have an acquaintance who, during what was a child, her father's sister scold and even beat her for pretty childish reasons. Growing up, she noticed one thing while her father and her mother and sister-in-law of the mother of the girl, could help the sister-in-law with money (I think like this is called father sister for mother, right?) Everything was ok. Well, when the source of money dried up and no longer about high flow, the sister in law ... She forgotwhen her brother's birthday is, and even during the holidays she may not even give an phone call to know if her brother or brother's wife has longer leave ... Not to mention the girl ... What was the so-called father's sister? When her father wanted to go to visit his sister, his sister give any reason to cause him not to come in visit ... When sometimes the girl's father ask girl's cousin to find him a job (knowing he whas have a job where he was friends with cartridges)nothing. Realizing all this the girl thought to play a black trick to them and offer them a gift .... black. What is it? well ... a miniature of a coffin that when it opens it will be posted first name of each family in part, at the end of the listing of names to be written a rest in peace or God to forgive youre sins in this life as in another to step clean as milk. She thought 'bouth two identical gifts. One gift to give to relatives what they have done wrong in front of her, and the other to bury him next to a church ... here is the dilemma .... do not know what to say to her... What advice would you advise me to give her ...? Help ... NB: She is more emo than I am. No unsalted jokes please ....PS: (and in this question kind of found myself ....) It's good to tell everythingthat that you feel into the human face, or "keep in you"?
PS 2: so long story short and say a few words would sound something like this: dad was good milking cow for her father's sister and when we asked for help saying something like: "Look I do not want to help OK? ". (here misunderstandings and quarrels with her father reached its peak .... What shood i tell her to calm her down?) She, like me actually say without worrying about the consequences, spade a spade.
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Postby Lycaon » Sat Aug 18, 2012 7:07 pm

I kindly sugest you to find a different medium for these kind of issues. This is a My Dying Bride board, with some nice small talk besides, but not an advice channel where you can just open a thread to get advice on your personal situation or to get psychological council to a large extent.

To use a thread such as "Latest Thought" for these kind of questions would be better already, but again; there are boards that are more fitting for problems like yours.

Mainly I ask you to use the forum in a commonly accepted way.

If you have any further questions, contact me via PM.

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