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Postby demiurgo » Thu Jan 19, 2017 9:30 pm

Blackfield V (CD. Pre-ordered) - I love Blackfield I and II albums, but damn it, this one has become my favorite ... And honestly, if I had not listened it in advance, I would not have bought it ... I like it so much that I will buy the vinyl edition ... :worship:

Pain of Salvation- In The Passing Light Of Day (DLP+CD) - I bought it blind and doubting ... after hearing the magnificent `Meaningless' song, and the alternative metal song` Reasons'. I found a record very different from what people say with such enthusiasm. Metal riffs, yes .. but a lot of environmental electronics in the good style of Leprous, which has hooked me ... and a lot of alternative stuff, but always very successful ... It's still the progressive rock blues from their two previous albums, In any case, so I do not understand that `have returned to their origins', nor because it is still undervalued both Road Salt (not bad) nor `Scarsick' album (ratbag, but great) ... After several hearings I love the new album ... It is highly addictive... :devilsign:

In Solitude - Sister (CD) (A fucking classic)

A Secret Revealed - The Bleakness (CD) - (Post Metal with attitude Post Hardcore, without clean voices, only screamo and well... Really wild, epic, and beautiful)

Soen - Lykaia. CD. Pre-ordered. Great hype... :?: I took a risk buying it. We'll see...
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Postby Thiago » Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:06 pm

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