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TALANAS: acoustic mini-album digibook kickstarter campaign

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Postby halsinden » Wed Mar 12, 2014 3:55 pm

from the talanas page ( recently:

you spoke - we listened, and so BEHOLD: the kickstarter campaign for the asylum DIGIBOOK!

despite our new acoustic mini-album being available via all the usual digital outlets, we've had so many requests for a physical version that we decided make good of it and offer you a 20+ page hardback digibook version. now all we need is enough to get it finished & printed up.

bids start at £10 where you'll (obviously) get your own copy, but put a little bit more in and we can offer you limited edition posters, your name (and even your picture) on the album itself, high tea with us in london, a spoken word recording from hal (, a recording on the next full-length album and even your own private show from us (clothes may be partly necessary).

check the link for more details and check out the accompanying video, but please spread the word if you want to help make this happen!

much love & garibaldis,

(death metal's gentlemen)
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