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Postby Medv » Wed Feb 11, 2015 12:47 am

First of all I hail the return of the Beautiful. Really thank you Calvin for rejoining!
Loads of time have passed since I had an account in old MDB forum, so it's nice to make a new account here along with a shivering Manuscript EP among... ok, censored, not so good albums of last years. And yes, let it be a coincidence, but I'm glad to hear Calvin is back and MDB has done a nice EP. And let me say it - it's rather an old good one than a breakthrough, but since MDB has IMHO wasted more than 15 years since % album I consider it a progress.

So the question is how can I hear the songs from Calvin's "Many Suffer" project?
Or may be what should we all do to make it possible?
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