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Therion and their new weird project

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Postby kinjarb037 » Tue Sep 25, 2012 9:58 pm

just wondering if anybody else here is into Therion. (i have always been in love with original & unique acts in about 20 years of listening.)

looks like they'll be selling their new album on their long euro tour startng this week and only releasing it in stores much later.
reminds of the olden times when bands were selling demos or records mostly on tours. at least, getting them at a concert was more reliable than asking a local shop that would have taken months for obtaining non-mainstream stuff.

in all these years, their intuitions have always become trends for everybody else over time, so i've been wondering about this one. :!:

besides that, they'll be making a metal opera in the future.... hats off, again. :worship:
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