Friday, 15th November 2019

12th Full Studio Album

MDB are in the studio recording their 12th full studio album at Academy Studios’ in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire the mix and some final edits will take place at Futureworks in Manchester.

Engineering work is being taken care of by Keith Appleton, Dan Mullins and Mags.

No definite release date as yet but considering the recording has only just started it’s not looking good for this year but who knows.

Drums are done and Calvin is as we speak working on his side of the guitar tracks. We’ve not had a lot of time for pictures but we promise to get some up before recording is finished. Drum Throne firmly occupied by Dan Mullins.

As of today we have 7 songs and the working titles are below, only Feel The Misery is a definite title the rest will change more than likely as we progress.

Feel The Misery
A Mirthless Morrow
To Shiver In Empty Halls
Broken Hope
Neptune Arise
I Am Now As Death