Sunday, 17th November 2019



In Your Dark Pavilion

All great children
Build altars
I have no love
To give you

In the fire that rages between our sleep
I thought I saw you amid the ruins.
And I can witness you have nothing left.
I'll give you my heart through this biblical tome

I dream of being beside her
As I move through this water
Step over here you Devil
Her earth looks like
My dying skin

You Are Not The One Who Loves Me

You are not the one who loves me
I take you from your bathing
And I dry thee
I am this rope around your feet

And it's Summer that bows it's head
Down the rivers of night
He fathers great hatred
Oh! And the moon played in your eyes

Wishes drop through the air
And rip into the floor
Crowned with blazing leaves,
Her hair
And flesh limp and poor

Of Lilies Bent With Tears

Hold up the sun
Oh, lord hold up the sun
Shine it on me
Glory, shine it on me
Here comes the sun
Oh God here comes the sun
Climbing on me
Dear Lord climbing on me

Stabat mater dolorosa,
Justa crucem lacrimosa
Dum pendebit filius.

O quam tristis et afflicta,
Fuit illa benedicta
Mater unigenti.

The curves of the earth
I carve them for you
And in the night I drew
A knife of sickness & grief

Stabat mater dolorosa,
Justa crucem lacrimosa
Dum pendebit filius.

O quam tristis et afflicta,
Fuit illa benedicta
Mater unigenti.

There was a wound here
I see its scars
The shade upon your face
Of lilies bent with tears

The Distance, Busy With Shadows

In heaps they were
The dead stacked high
I crept and sang among them
Black was I yet bent to it
God and I had shunned them

It fell at my feet
No, it didn't just come to me
To heal its wounds
I will kiss it

It is within me now
I feel the birth of doom
And the fruit of my body
Stares right out of this room

Of Sorry Eyes In March

Destiny marks your life
With a knowing finger
The act of desire
Has walked on by
And ancient sorrow
Limps from your eyes
It's just your tears
Left to eat

Flies lie dying
On your sorry lips
And on young loves
Broken wings
And the stone
That lets you drown
You are not worth
Stopping for

The Earth, with all
Its blessing
And the endless
Fathoms of night
Lay a raft of gold
For you
My field here
Is where we end

Vanit Triomphante

I often hunt you in my dreams
But your wicked claw awaits me
Aboard this snow lit island
Veins, like tortured Winter trees
Tis the service of my hand
That silence climbs upon thee

You are sweet and fine to listen to
Long tresses about your neck
yet much is false
This mighty evening I've seen no face
This is crushing me
My quill it aches

And old ships die like swans
Against our frozen icy shore
Pass your dying body
I leave you in your thoughts

Trees dance and fail
Tell them I came
My beauty pale
Was yours the same?

Viens, il est temps de partir.
Je vais regretter ta haine.
Ta vanit triomphante,
Fera sa rvrence.

I laid them in books
Just your heart and mine
For lovers to read
The lonely to pine

Through my broken skin
And cherry tree blood
The real world falls in
A false life of love

That Dress And Summer Skin

I just caught a glimpse
Of your Summer skin
As you slipped away

As the sun drew up
Its gold chair
I looked upon
My own sleep
And so you shall
Taste my grief

Through blood and tears you helped me
You leapt from your lonely defeat
And in this night I drew my knife

As I look at them
I know what my hands have done
I'd shake these thorns for you
From my crown for you
So go on my love
Put on that dress for me

Where are you my love, my sweet one..?
Where have you gone?
My love where are you, my love, my sweet?
I only think of you and it drives me down.
I only dream of you.
I am so alone

And Then You Go

Here is the darkest place I know
You found in your eyes a home
And then you go

Come up here to my face
Into wars we race
Eat up the haste

I am poor for the lord
My age is lead and sore
Sit beneath my jaw

There! My prints in the snow
The wind and me alone
And then you go

And within it your embrace
Long given away the chase
Away flees grace

And then you go

A Hand Of Awful Rewards


The Music Of Flesh

See the light and feel my warm desire
Run through your veins like the evening sun

My father was a handsome man
But I am his exception
And at each station of hatred
I still claim to be his son

See the light and feel my warm desire
Through your veins like the evening sun
It will live but no eyes will see it

I was broken in the water
I may be this way forever
Eyes will see it
With the music of my flesh
And creeping hair around my neck
Eyes will see it

At the rim of cotton
On my bedroom dress
The gunfire of his hate
Launches my excess
But my wish won't kill him
Though even God forgot me
My words weak and ill
Misery wrote my plea
This will be his will

No eyes will see it

Seven Times She Wept

As I tore into my woman
Her body accepted its sin
I saw her dying there
Just below my wing

It dies all over me
Cascades of your black hair
I knew the worlds end
I felt it true and rare

We dance and the music dies
We carry them all away
As we glide, through their lost eyes
You lift me above myself

Arise from your slumber
In my arms
Your beauty took the strength
From me

The Burning Coast Of Regnum Italicum

My black, feathered breast
Unto comes o'er mast & sail
Look upon a broken site
Torn apart through wind & hail

Lead me to the chaos of water
As I reveal myself to you
A fall from God is a blessing unknown
Its rivers deep from which I drew

Where is the burning city?
Great Naples, its kings alone
A hunger roared and reared
A fool suffers in Rome

Mon enfant, prends patience,
Bient't la nuit tombera.
Dors, si tu peux,
Et r've de pays merveilleux.

She Heard My Body Dying

I watched the youth drip from my face
As I cut her free upon the water
My name reversed is loneliness
Increasing the vote to slaughter

Well loved and she still left me!
Her laugh brief and vile
With naked foot I gave chase
Mile after sorry mile

Why is this for me?

And All Their Joy Was Drowned

I arrive splashed with blood
And try to fix my hair
My sword upon our path
It's better off there

My name is read aloud
And I menace through the door
A thunderstorm of eyes watch
As I'm fierce across the floor

Candles spit and ribbons red
Strings, bows and tune
Dancers glide and passions collide
I'm scouring the room

I know my enemies, every one
And white throats in pearls
Carousel all about me
The lace. Those ribbons in curls

Cruelty is how they know me
Kindness is not my gift
A blade of glass my secrecy
Is poised at my wrist

They perish for my sadness
I saw gold in your eyes
Your gift here, tremendous
Like the God between your thighs

I leave splashed with blood
Your ribbon locks my hair
And all their joy was drowned
Not, of course, that I care

All songs by My Dying Bride