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My Dying Bride split with Hamish Glencross

Monday, 09 June 2014

My Dying Bride would like to make it known that we have parted ways with guitarist Hamish Glencross. The reasons being can only be described as "irreconcilable differences". However we would still like to genuinely wish Hamish all the luck with his future endeavours.

My Dying Bride would like to make it clear that this has absolutely no impact on the bands forthcoming 3 final shows of 2014.

Copenhell Friday the 13th June
Metaldays Friday 25th July
Brutal Assault Saturday 9th August

All go ahead as planned.

Our longstanding guitar technician Robb Philpotts has already been drafted in and will fill in for these 3 shows.

Ok, enough of that, now for some great news.

Calvin Robertshaw rejoins!!

What more can we say to that. Calvin is one of the original guitarists that helped make My Dying Bride what it is today. His departure after the now infamous 34.788% Complete album left us all stunned but now we have convinced him to rejoin and are sure this is going to be a success.

We feel that My Dying Bride has now stabilised again and we are really, really excited at the prospect of going forward as a band united again by doom metal music. We will be working together with Calvin on finishing the new lp which we plan to record later this year.

The writing of the new lp has been progressing somewhat slower than usual due to our internal problems but despite that we now have around 7 new songs in a very complete fashion, obviously we are now all wondering what Calvin can bring and now can't wait to get back into the studio to find out.

The studio we have chosen to use for the majority of the recording is our old haunt Academy Studios. Then we will be back at Futureworks for some finishing off and possibly vocals. Time will tell.

We would like to thank from the very bottom of all our hearts, all of our supporters old and new for their patience and love, we promise you a continued and very much stronger My Dying Bride in the future.

My Dying Bride June 6th 2014

Maryland Deathfest

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

My Dying Bride would like to thank Icon Screening for doing such a wonderful job on our US shirts, Uber-thanks also to Jeremy Peto (MORGION) for organizing the US side of it all.

Designed specifically for The Maryland DeathFest by Shaun Nicholson of many thanks guys.

Tee’s only and a very limited run, so when they’re gone they’re gone.

‘The Vaulted Shadows’ CD pre-order (May 26th)

Friday, 11 April 2014

my-vaulted-shadowThe Vaulted Shadows brings together two of MDB's latest and possibly heaviest works into one cohesive package.

Comprising the tragic tales of the 30 minute epic The Barghest O' Whitby (2011) and 2013's doom-filled treasure, The Manuscript, The Vaulted Shadows neatly collects the releases surrounding the A Map of All Our Failures album era and re-packages them as one hour-long masterwork.

Pre-order for 26th May release. Click here to pre-order

Blastfest Festival - Thank you!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

"My Dying Bride would like to thank and show their appreciation to the hard working and very nice organisers and crew of the Blastfest Festival we recently had the pleasure of performing at, it was an honour being part of this brand new Festival and we wish it all the success in the future. A very special thanks goes to the crowd attending our show who without doubt made it a very special night for us and we hope for them too. A 666% thanks goes to Ross who flew in from one of Norway's more distant neighbours...

Australia, MDB tattoo and all. We salute you. (And yes it was us beeping at you on our way to the Airport). Darkness came ...right on time."